CW Carbon Collection+

by Christoph Werner in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Version 1.0 | Updated 2018-11-07

Some time ago I've made some experiments to create a node for tiling texture patterns in Blender. Because I like carbon materials I've used this topic to create this tiling node - I called it the CW TilingTool.

The result of my experiments is a collection of 12 carbon texture variations, called CW Carbon Collection+...

The "+" in the name represents my tiling tool that is included in the collection. You will find it as a unique node group in the node tree of the material. If you like, you can extract the TilingTool node group and use it for your own materials.

CW Carbon collection features

This is the settings you can adjust in my material:

  • Choose between 12 carbon texture patterns
  • Set a clearcoat effect to your material (Interesting for car surfaces, helmets and similar)
  • Give your material a rainbow effect to get more interesting results like a pearl carbon effect
  • Control the roughness separately
  • Control the bumpmap strength or invert the bumpmap it if needed
  • Control the anisotropic texture visibility and strength.
  • Control the alpha channel visibility (Transparency channel)

CW TilingTool features

Here are the features of the CW TilingTool node, that came with my Collection:

  • Set the tile amount (Amount of repeated patterns)
  • Set a tile distance (Negative values are supported too)
  • Shift X (UV and Object coordinates)
  • Shift Y (UV and Object coordinates)
  • Rotation

Package includes

  • .blend file ( Created in Blender version 2.79 )
  • Four example renders in 2400 x 1200 pixels
  • 12 textures in 16 bit TIF file format.
    Info: The textures are not regular TIF files! I use the RGBA channels to save information like bump, anisotropic values and alpha in one single texture.


CW Carbon Collection+ is a shader tree material. It's not an AddOn. To use the material in a fresh scene or in your own project just follow this instructions:

1. After the download of CW Carbon Collection+, unzip the ZIP-file to your preferred folder.

2. In Blender go to the main menu and choose File->Append

3. In the upcoming file browser open your local CW Carbon Collection+ folder and choose the CW_Carbon_v1.blend file.

4. The .blend file opens and show a scene tree. Click on the Material folder and choose one of the CW Carbon Material presets. For example CarbonSphere_Black.

5. The CW Carbon Collection material is now added into your project and you can assign it to any object via the material tab in the object properties.

If you still have problems to install my CW Carbon Collection, watch the installation video below or contact me please. In the installation video I show the installation process in example of my CW Eye material. The CW Carbon Collection will be installed in the same way.

Documentation videos

The following video content describes the material usage and give you some additional infos.

General material description for version 1

The Documentation videos for current versions will be updated regularly. Don't wonder about mentioning my gumroad shop in some videos. You can download the CW Carbon Collection here on Blendermarket or in my gumroad shop, too.

What is the CW TilingTool that comes with this package?

The CW TilingTool is the actual reason why I've created this material tree. I've seeked for a quick solution to generate a simple pattern tiling system. The CW TilingTool fulfills the basic functionality to create own tiled patterns. It controls the UV coordinates of the Carbon material.

Of course you can use the tool for your own materials. I would appreciate this.

Can I use own textures to get the Carbon fiber effect?

If you are familiar with Blenders node system, so I invite you to examine my Matrial group. I've created a more or less complex node system to create the Carbon effect. Actually the solution is not very complex. The most interesting are the special textures I use. You must understand how RGBA textures work to create own Carbon patterns.

Do I need own textures to use this material?

No. You don't need own textures. My CW Carbon Collection node comes with 12 prepared carbon like textures. You can blend between all textures in the collection.

Is this material procedural?

No. The CW Carbon Collection is based on specially prepared textures images (16 bit TIF files).

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