Creators Render Studio- Made With Geometry Node

by Hammad in Modifier Setups

Take your 3d Renders to next level.

Creators Render Studio is a easy to use Geometry node, which helps the blender creators to render there 3d models in a realistic manner without spending time on lightning, studio creation, background coloring, compositing etc.

You just need to:

1) Put \ Import your 3d model into the studio scene.

2) Set your studio using geometry node as you want.

3) Set the Camera path using geometry node.

4) Render you scene.  


- Full model render and wire frame model Render.

- Lightning Setting. (control the light color, power, direction, size, pointing at one place)

- Compositor based background (includes shadow catcher function, transparent background,    compositor background color within geometry node). 

- Solid studio Background. (procedural solid background)

- 360 degree camera path (circular and swirl)

- Camera path randomizing.

360 camera path rendering (circular and swirl)

        More Demo Renders

Geo-Node Modifiers:

Creator Render Studio uses two Geometry node modifiers (CS Studio and CS Camera path)

CS studio:

   It controls the main functionalities such as studio creation, lightning, coloring and background.(all in one at single Geometry node)

CS Camera path:

   It controls the camera path functionality. Which include path resolution, randomizing the path, circular path (360) and swirl path (for top to bottom preview).


Complete Tutorial Video:


Made in Blender 3.5.0

Help and support:

    Contact us, If some one needs further information or help for Creators  Render Studio 

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Published 17 days ago
Blender Version 3.5
License Royalty Free
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