Creating Snow Environments

by CG Masterclass in Training

Chapter 1:

Introduction Lecture

  1   Installing Blender

2-   Organizing scene files 

3-   Polyhaven & teachable

4-  Before you start


Chapter 2:

Introduction lecture


1 - Organizing outliner, starting the scene

2- Shaping terrain, adding material

3- Mixing Materials

4- Mixing the Ice material

5: Adding snow on terrain

6: Adding river rocks scans

7: Adding Cliff scans

8: Adding the trees

9: Creating a volume fog box

10: Adding a snow actor

11: Configure the falling snow

12: Adding moving mist

13: Add motion to the camera

14: Rendering scene animation

15: Rendering scene from different position


Chapter 3:


Introduction lecture:


1-      Preparing outliner, addingblueprints

2-      Making the cabin base shape

3-      Adding window and door holes

4-      Adding foundation and cleanup basemesh

5-      Adding cabin materials

6-      Apply displacement on cabinmaterials

7-      Making roof slates

8-      Adding slates on cabin roof

9-      Randomize roof slates

10-   Adding side planks cabin

11-  Using the carving tool to carveplanks

12-  Making beams and planks

13-   Making a window frame

14-  Making window glass

15-  Duplicating windows

16-  Making a cabin door

17-  Adding construction beams

18-  Adding more construction wood

19-  Creating a window hatch

20-  Adding rocks on cabin foundation

21-  Making a chimney

22-  Adding roof details

23-  Removing snow from chimney

24-  Starting with the terrain

25-  Adding terrain materials

26-  Mixing terrain material

27-  Adding snow on terrain

28-  Appending snow and mist

29-  Importing high resolution trees

30-  Adding snow on trees

31-  Adding 2D trees layer

32-  Blending scanned rocks with terrain

33-  Using geometry nodes for blendingplants

34-  Scatter branches on the terrain

35-  Adding log scans on terrain

36-  Shaping terrain and add motion tocamera

37-  Rendering a scene animation


Chapter 04:


1-      Constructing the interior base shape

2-      Separate the roof of the interior

3-      Adding window and construction roofbeams

4-      Adding area lights

5-      Adjusting the fog and snow

6-      Building a fireplace

7-      Making a stone fireplace floor

8-      Adding plaster between cabin logs

9-      Importing scene props

10-  Adding more scene props

11-  Adding carpet ans adjusting scene

12-  Adding window snow

13-  Importing fire wood and adding rooflight

14-  Adding antlers on chimney

15-  Cleanup the outliner

16-  Making a render/animation andcolorgrade the EXR image

17-  Adding a new camera and animate thescene

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