Creating Procedural Sand Dunes

by CG Cookie in Training

Building realistic landscapes quickly.

Procedural computer graphics are booming right now. For the artists that have spent years painstakingly placing every vertex, laying out every UV, painting every pixel by hand, sculpting each and every detail...procedural creation is a reinvigorating endeavor.

In this course we're exploring a workflow to build believable sand dunes from only 4 ingredients:

  • 1 mesh plane
  • 1 HDRI
  • 1 Camera
  • 1 Material

You will believe in magic again.

Course Highlights

  • Procedural Texture Displacement - Let Blender do more of the modeling for you. 
  • Adaptive Subdivision - Also called "micro displacement", this feature dynamically tessellates your geometry to maximize detail where it's seen in the camera while minimizing and optimizing detail where there isn't enough pixels to support it in your final render.
  • Compositing - Subtle post-processing treatment to push your render that much closer to photo-realism.

What's included in this course

  1. Video: 21min Displacing the Main Shapes
  2. Video: 16min Refining the Detail
  3. Video: 15min Final Touches and Compositing
  4. Video: 8min Convert Material Displacement Geometry

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