Create Abstract Paint Effect In Blender

by sonnenbrillenbrauchenlicht in Materials, Shaders, Textures

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  • till holder about 2 months ago

    I was definitely a little sceptical as there's little to no documentation. Since it's cheap, I went ahead – turns out, it's worth the money, full stop.
    Since the setup is fairly simple I understand why you wouldn't give away your secrets for free beforehand, even though the contents of the product could be explained a little better.
    The text instructions are quite short but straight to the point. Happy accidents are preprogrammed, but anything in this setup looks spectacular.

  • Jerod Folk 3 months ago

    There are no instructions on how to use this so I would take that out of the "about" and after messing with the blend file, it became too confusing and frustrating to try to figure out.

    • Nico Antoniazzi 3 months ago

      Hi Jerod! Thank you for the comment.
      There is a readme.txt file included please check it out.
      If it is still unclear how to use the effect please let me know :)
      Kind regards

  • Andreas Hnida 9 months ago

    Nice effect, achieved very simply by applying painterly textures and alpha maps. But in my opinion the offer needs clarification. Everyone who expects maybe some fancy shader / volumetric rendering or whatever magic behind that will be utterly disappointed. On the other hand my slight disappointment speaks for the simplicity of the setup.

    The download will get you exactly what is advertised: "Everything to replicate the results shown in the pictures." Some painterly textures with a smart use of transparency.

    Nevertheless for under 10€ absolutely worth it. Just to see what can be done with a smart setup.

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