Crab Clown Creature

by Daniel F.R. Gordillo in Models

Don't like clowns? Of course you don't, they are creepy as hell!

Create a scary animation or include a frightening boss to your game with this crab-like rigged creature with a removable clown head on top of it! (Seen as Arachnid Clown in I packed specular/dirt/AO/gloss values in a single PNG (using the RGBA channels), so the materials use only 3 textures each! There's a camera turntable animation, studio backdrop and a light setup included.


  • Fully rigged character
  • 2048 x 2048 px textures for the head and body
  • Inverse Kinematics for all legs

Polycount Head: 2,535 faces / 5,063 Triangles / 2,699 verts Body: 6,802 faces / 12,876 Triangles / 6,594 verts 2K PNG Textures

  • 2 Head / Body Diffuse
  • 2 Head / Body Normals
  • 2 Head / Body BW values
    • Specular mix in red channel
    • Dirt map in green channel
    • Ambient Occlusion in blue channel
    • Gloss in alpha channel
  • 2 Cycles materials

LAYER CONTENTS Layer 1 - Character Layer 11 - Background, lights and camera Layer 12 - Rig

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