by 3-Dimension Arte in Models

Crab 3D model
Highly detailed  and Photorealistic.

Add to your nature scenes this hyper realistic and detailed crab and pose as you want ;)

Designed for Blender.

  • Modeled and sculpted.
  • "Hand Painted" textures (2048 x 2048 pixels)
  • Diffuse, Normal and Bump map textures packed in the .blend file.
  • UV unwrapped.
  • Hair particle system in legs and cephalothorax to major realism.
  • Rigs in legs, Cephalothorax and Pincers.
  • Control bones to easy pose.
  • Bones constrains in pincers to open and close, even in legs to keep on the floor.

Ready to render in Cycles Render Engine and Eevee!