"Coupon" Film Tutorials Bundle - 5 Tutorials - Cca 15 Hours + Project Files

by Šime Bugarija in Training

The short Blender film “COUPON” that I worked on for a while is finally online, you can watch it in the video below.

A good part of the filmmaking process was filmed and turned into a step-by-step tutorial, more precisely four tutorials lasting more than 12 hours were filmed and the fifth tutorial is currently being filmed. The package also includes project files for the entire film (14 .blend files)

The total cost of the four tutorials + the fifth to be published is $ 42. In this package, you can get all five tutorials with more than 50% off, at a price of $ 19.99

A short preview of all tutorials.

TUTORIAL 1 - Blender 3 + Reality Capture 5h Tutorial, Futuristic Movie Scene + Files

BM LINK - https://www.blendermarket.com/products/blender-3--reality-capture-cinematic-render-course-futuristic-movie-film-scene 

TUTORIAL 2 - Cinematic Look With Blender 3.0 - Step By Step Tutorial, 2h 50 Min

BM link - https://www.blendermarket.com/products/creating-a-movie-scene-in-blender-after-effects-step-by-step---shells-on-the-table---2h-50-min

TUTORIAL 3 - Old Apple Macintosh Cinematic Look Tutorial - 2 Hours 40 Min

TUTORIAL 4 - Creating A Movie Scene In Blender - 3 Hours Tutorial

BM LINK - https://www.blendermarket.com/products/creating-a-movie-scene-in-blender---3-hours-tutorial

TUTORIAL 5 - A robot on a computer - IN RECORDING

Note - This tutorial is in the process of being recorded. It is expected to be completed in 2 weeks. Buyers of this package will receive a tutorial in the mail when it is completed. (If you do not leave a mail, you can download the files from this link again when it is updated).

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Published 10 days ago
Software Version 2.93, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2
License Creative Commons
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