Corrective Smooth Baker

by meshonline in Scripts and Addons

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  • William
    6 months ago

    Another must-have Blender addon from Mesh Online. Corrective Smooth Baker is extremely helpful for improving model deformations in constrained environments - like older game engines - especially when corrective shapes are not feasible and bone influences are limited. I have only very recently started using this addon, but it has already saved the day (and hours of work) for some troublesome models. The weight baking procedure gives a significant improvement to rough weighting and costs less than a minute or two, whereas cleaning things by up hand could take hours on complex models.

    I absolutely recommend this addon, especially if you are working with older/constrained animation technology, like in my case. It is not a magic feather, but it is the icing on the cake that can fix those final problem spots very quickly.

    • [email protected]

      6 months ago

      Thank you, William! I have spent four months to make this little add-on from scratch, I wish it can be useful for game developers.

  • Benedict Varga
    8 months ago

    Well, I wasn't sure if I needed CSB but I use Unity a lot and have quite a few game character models I've picked up over the years so I figured I'd give it a shot. After experimenting with it for a couple of hours I can definitely say that it can be beneficial.

    I tried it on a character model where, like in the demo video, I didn't like the weighting around the shoulder and armpits and it did an excellent job at fixing it. It did take some trial and error to get the results I was happy with but it definitely would have taken much longer to fix the weighting by hand.

    So I can say with certainty that I'm glad I picked up CSB. :-)

    • [email protected]

      8 months ago

      Thank you Benedict, you can try baking with highest quality, for some complicated armatures, the default high quality may bring trial errors, but to bake with highest quality may cost a much longer time.

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