Container 40 Ft. For Container Ship .Psd Included

by 3-Dimension Arte in Models

Container 40 ft. for Container Ship

One material, six different textures!

Ideal for use with the "Container Ship 3D" or for use individually.

Container Ship 3D also available here.

This container is highly detailed and realistic with a material that lets you to randomize the textures only by duplicating the Container, using Alt+D, Shift+D or using "Duplifaces", you do not need do nothing more or use a single texture if you want.

.psd file included to create your own texture with your logo!
The six different textures are packed in the .blend file, 2048 x 2048 px.

Interior modeled
Doors rigged: With Limit Rotation constrain.
"Bone controls" for easy usage.

Enjoy creating fantastic Renders!