Construction Props Collection

by Cameron Schmaltz in Models

Construction Props Collection made using Blender. This collection includes 29 models. The models included range from pipes, to barriers, to other objects you may find around a construction site or during construction work. Some of the included models have additional textures that you can swap out to customize the way they look. On top of that all textures can be edited in any photo editing software. The props range from low poly to high poly and are ready to be used in game engines, scenes, animations and more. With the variety of models included, it makes it easy to make your own creation.

Each model has been manually UV unwrapped and have their own set of PBR textures. Some of the more important textures that are included are normal maps, diffuse textures which make uses of the alpha channel, and UVLayouts which will make it easier to edit textures. Lighting has been provided in all blend files using HDRi maps that have been downloaded for free from HDRi Haven. THe HDRi maps are included and are pre-applied in all blend files along with camera setups.

All blend files are render ready which will allow you to open any blend file and start rendering right away if you choose. All rendered images, wireframes, and extra images will be included. They will been have rendered using the Cycles engine at 600 samples using the denoising node in the compositor.

There will be 4 variations of this product that are available. One will include all of the models in the entire collection, the second will include only barriers, the third will be pipes and beams, and the final will be the individual models.

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Dev Fund Contributor
Published over 1 year ago
Software Version 2.9
Render Engine Used Cycles
License Royalty Free
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