Compositing Node Group

by MeshQ in Render Setups

Composite node group. Just plug-in render layers, adjust what You need, and everything will be automatically composited. This is a node to connect without any other things render passes, also it has some adjustments. Amount of given render pass, hue, saturation, value and off course mask for that adjustments.

It works with every render pass in Blender/Cycles.

That group is inside the Blend file. To use it another project, just append it from that file.

Here is a video on how to use this Compositing Node Group:

How can I use it in My projects?

Simply by appending the node to Your project. Navigate to File-Append, then choose the file with Compositing Node Group, go to Node Group folder, choose it, and append. 

What contains the file?

The file is containing Compositing Node Group, and a test scene. 

Can I use it with Blender Internal Render Engine?

No, You can't use it with Blender Internal Render Engine. It's created for Cycles render passes only. 

Will there be additions to this group?

Yes, there will be additions to this node group. 

What "Compositing Node Group" is used for?

Compositing Node Group is used to composite rendering, from render passes in Blender Cycles RenderEngine.

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