Compact Mechanical Keyboard

by Abdoubouam in Models

A high quality model of a compact RGB keyboard, with many variations and 4K PBR textures. Ready to be used used in your scenes with the renderer of your choice.

There are two blender versions included : one with the baked textures, and one with a node tree that allows you to change the colors as you wish.

GLTF, OBJ and FBX are also included, with multiple color variations. You can use photoshop or your image editor of your choice and use the included mask textures to create color variations of your choice, you are not limited to Blender

Technical details : 

  • Poly count : 48K
  • Vertex count : 51K
  • Textures : 4K PBR (Metallic/roughness)
  • Units : Meters