Comfy Recliner Chair

by Top Notch Assets in Models

This is a soft recliner chair perfect for any of your interior scenes. It includes a fresh, clean material as well as a worn, dirty one. The chair features a very clean mesh topology with sculpted detail baked to height and normal maps, making it practical in low-poly or high-detail poly uses. It is also rigged with a lattice for proportion adjustment. All models are cleanly UV unwrapped. 

I hope you enjoy it! Let me know if you have any issues with this product.

Included Files:

  • LoungeChair.blend - File with all objects
  • Chair_low.fbx - .fbx model at subdivision level 1
  • Chair_high.fbx - .fbx model at subdivision level 6
  • Textures - Folder of PBR textures


  • Chair Objects - 3,588 tris without subdivision, 7,751,928 tris at full subdivision (sculpted multires)
  • Chair_Control - Empty used to control entire chair
  • Chair_Lattice - Lattice deformer used to change proportions of chair


Principled BSDF Shader set up for each object

  • Fabric_New - Clean, brand new fabric
  • Fabric_Worn - Old, worn fabric
  • Lever_New - Recliner lever handle material
  • Legs_New - Char legs material


Fabric - 2048x2048 PBR textures (color, metalness, roughness, height, normal)

Lever and Legs - 1024x1024 PBR textures (color, metalness, roughness, height, normal)