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# Colorbox_readme_version_1.0.0
User manual for Colorbox ( being updated daily! )



This tool started out as a way to finally stop having to copy so many hex codes when working with specific colors, but what it turned into was a bridge to the ultimate color add-on. For centuries artists have had immediate access to their colors, so this seemed like an essential tool. We have set out to build something awesome and we have so much planned for phase 2. Please support and share our work if you would like to see the development of this add-on and other add-ons by Essential Elephant.

  Getting started

Colorbox comes as a single zip file that you can install from the add-ons tab in user preferences.

Color Swapper

 Collection and palette indicator

At the top of the Color Swapper tab you will see a collection name and a palette name, you can use the corresponding arrows to navigate through the current palettes you have available
2021-06-23 20_25_44-Blender

  Effect buttons

Below the collection and palette indicator you will see our effects buttons
2021-06-23 20_26_35-Blender

>Apply palette

  This takes the current selection and applies it to the collection field


When you toggle this switch on it will auto-apply the palette you have in the indicator while you navigate

>Shuffle colors

This button will shuffle only the colors in the collection field

  Collection field

  This collection field functions very similar to how vertex groups and face groups operate. First add in a collection, name it, and then with it selected go to your node editor, right click on any RGB field and you will have an option to "Add to color swapper", once this is selected it will become a child of whichever collection you have selected and be driven by the color of that collection.
2021-06-23 20_24_19-Blender




These operate very similar to the way traditional collections do in Blender.
2021-06-23 20_33_14-Blender

>Show/hide collection

  This will show or hide the contents of any collection

>Collection name

Here you can name your collection


This will permanently delete the collection

>Show/hide options for every palette

This will hide the individual options above every palette for a much cleaner look ( this is on by default )

>More options

Here are several different actions you can perform on the collection


First you have to toggle the move switch on and then select the same button on the collection you would like it to switch places with


  Edit bar

Above every palette there is a control bar this allows you to manipulate and transform color palettes individually
2021-06-23 20_43_18-Blender


>Name palette

Here you can name your palette

>Delete palette

This will permanently delete the palette

>Remove the last color

This will remove your last color channel from your palette

>Add a new color

This will add a new color channel to your palette

>More options

Here you can use transform your palette into a color ramp or even a .png



First you have to toggle the move switch on and then select the same button on the collection you would like it to switch places with


Upload section

Here you can upload collections and palettes

>Add collection

This allows you to add a collection to the palettes tab

>Import palettes

Here you can import palettes
We currently support palettes from ( Colorbox exports, Colorhunt, and Adobe ). If you have any other sites or formats you would like us to support please let us know :)

>Custom import

This is an option for a custom import button, if you did want to take lots of different colors from actual images feel free to head to the user preferences and play with the settings to get some interesting combinations

Color Picker Mode

To activate the color picker mode go to the image editor, load an image, and press Shift+Ctrl+P ( You can change this in User preferences ). You can now select as many as 32 colors and then press enter to send them to the palettes tab. You can also press Esc to leave this mode.

Color Ramps

This tab will store all of your color ramps that you have made. Here you can apply any color ramp directly to your node editor with the left arrow button.


  This tool was a long time in the making and we think of it as a needed companion in the era of high speed design. We have a long term vision with this product and see so much more potential but now it is up to Blender users like you to help us make this into a truly epic tool. We are committed to an LTS model and want your feedback as we are eager to grow this tool to best fit the artists that need it most.

  If you have any questions please email us directly at [email protected] so that we can answer any questions.

  Also be sure to join in the conversation and follow us on Instagram at theessentialelephant

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