Collection Utilities

by Duarte Ramos in Scripts and Addons

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  • Zach Lambert 23 days ago

    Ridiculously helpful addon! In tandem with the 'Simple Renaming Panel' addon I have been able to get my objects organized and set up for instancing in an extremely short amount of time. Everything about this addon fucking SLAPS. The name transfer is STUPID HELPFUL for times where a naming conventions changes mid-project. THANK YOU DUARTE!!!! YOU HAVE ACCELERATED MY WORKFLOW SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!

    • Duarte Ramos 23 days ago

      Glad you found it useful, thanks for the rating, it is very helpful

  • William Hamilton about 1 month ago

    Was getting tired of having to manually adjust the collection offset values and saw that this addon can do that task much faster. Tried it out and it works extremely well.

    As a bonus it can also rename objects based on the collection name (if your object is in multiple collections, you can pick the collection to base the name on) so super happy for that.

    Big thanks to Duarte for making this. Really just want to focus on modeling and this addon will help a lot with some of the more tedious tasks.

    • Duarte Ramos about 1 month ago

      Really glad you found it helpful, I can see it also helps you in the same things I struggle with when managing more complex things.
      Thanks for the rating, it means a lot.

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