Coffee Maker Modern

by jeromedia in Models

A modern Coffee Maker - a must have for every kitchen rendering.

Everybody who ever built a kitchen for any type of rendering knows: without appliances, your scene looks naked - but building them often takes ages. Our Coffee Maker is built for any kind of Interior Scenes. We´ve made it from scratch with the aim to get a highly detailed model, that is still at a low polycount, to make it render friendly and memory saving.

Ready to render – just append and get started!

The model comes with Cycles Materials, so basically there´s no need to adjust values as long as you don´t want to change the color of the model. Simply append the group and start rendering! Every material is made from scratch and features PBR ready HD Textures (2048 x 2048 pixels, Diffuse, Normal, Spec, and Roughness maps for every material). So even closeups or detail shots don´t get you into trouble of washed out textures.

Detailed enough for every purpose!

As you can see in the preview renders and in the sketchfab model: the coffee maker is very detailed, but at a reasonable polycount. The model itself is made without subsurface and consists of 14.028 Polygons.  

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