Clover Meadow Patch

by Kamil Burniak in Models

Hi all,
This is clover meadow patch created in Blender in real world scale (145cm x 138cm). 

The product has 941750 polygons.

It includes 7 different models:

  • soil (3D scanned)
  • clover
  • nettle
  • dandelion
  • grass
  • creeping buttercup
  • fig buttercup

It comes in following formats:

  • .blend
  • .dae
  • .obj

The blender file has the shaders set up, so it's ready to render using Cycles. The title image is not included.

Each model comes with set of 4K .png maps:

  • base color
  • roughness
  • normal
  • opacity
  • translucency
  • ambient occlusion