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This add-on is a simple direct-push 3D scene exporter to Cloudinary Programmable Media. As many big e-commerce are embracing 3D object in their Product Gallery Widgets, you as a 3D modeler has the ability to directly push your 3D model into their Cloudinary DAM (Digital Asset Management).

This eliminates:

  1. The hassle of exporting your 3D.
  2. Finding it in your local directories.
  3. Waiting for your DAM credentials.
  4. Logging-in in their DAM then just to upload your 3D model. 

Security benefits: 

  1. DAM owner do not need to expose their API SECRET.
  2. DAM owner do not need to give you login credentials. 

So do your work as a 3D modeler, tagged the model as needed and push it to Cloudinary.  Additionally, this add-on has the potential to deliver your 3D model directly to their website when the Product Gallery Widget is configured to fetch the assets with specific tag. CodeSandBox below shows how an e-commerce site owner can leverage tagging to automatically pull the 3D assets into their e-commerce site: 


You, as a 3D modeler, only have to do is to tag your 3D model. 

Published over 1 year ago
Blender Version 3.2
License Creative Commons
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