ClothFX- Dynamic Cloth Tearing Plugin

by AlbertoFX in Scripts and Addons


Now supports Blender 2.8 Beta!

Blender Cloth Effects. Made Fast.

ClothFX simplifies cloth tearing within blender by providing you with a set of tools, which allow for instant, real-time cloth tearing simulations. Below you can see the different types of tears you can generate when using this tool:

A trigger object will trigger the edge splitting of the pre-teared mesh. This can be done on contact, or using proximity mode, which will tear by distance, rather than mesh collision. Here are the Trigger options as follows:

Trigger object options:

  • Mesh Volume(enable on contact)
  • Proximity(trigger object distance)
  • Mesh+Proximity Volume(both)
  • Particles(use trigger object particles to define tears)
  • Collision settings(Outer/Inner)
  • Stress Parameter(Enable Dynamics)

Fast simulation workflow.

With ClothFX, you don't need to pre-bake any simulation. Tearing is done in realtime, & baked afterwards.


  • Generate pre-tears to active object by adding a tearing system

  • Enable/Disable trigger objects

  • Tear count, seed(randomize)

  • Preview Tears(view changes in viewport)

  • Refine Edges (smoother tears)

  • Edge Strips

  • Enable Subdivision

  • Enable Dynamics( Pin active vertices, Mass, Friction,Damp, Bend, Solver Speed)

  • Bake/Free Bake Tearing simulation

  • Clear all Tearing System domains

  • Inflate & explode

  • Export/Import Simulation

Note: When installing, install as a zipped folder.  Once enabled, ClothFX v3 will be located in the Physics Tab.

Upcoming Features(v4):

  • Custom Tear Maps(Knife tool support)
  • New Dynamics system
  • Dynamic Inflating
  • Trigger propagation + visualization

update log:

  • UI Updates
  • Inflate tool
  • Added export tools

Check out this awesome simulation done by Grant Wilk himself!

Visual Effects Artist Sean Kennedy shows you how to create a transition effect using ClothFx, similar to the one used in a TV show! You can find the tutorial here:

System Requirements:


ClothFX is available with a 30-days money back guarantee. That means that if you don't like the tool, you can choose to get a full refund or you may contact us about any issues through the blender market messenger, as well as emailing us directly to our email @ [email protected] 

We value your feedback, so dont forget to leave an honest review!

Development Log:

Custom Tear Maps UI development(v4)

ClothFX will soon be available in 2.8 including upcoming features.

My cloth is not behaving how it should when running simulation, what can I do?

Make sure to Enable Dynamics, which emulates the cloth before it is torn, in order to maintain pre-teared mesh. You can quickly pin vertices as well.

Are updates free?

Of course! all add-on future updates are free.

Can I export the simulation?

No yet, but will definitely be included in v3.

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