Cloth Weaver

by Alexander Kane in Scripts and Addons

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Quickly sew clothes to your characters and create fabrics with ease! No need to scroll through endless menus and adjust dozens of parameters over and over again. Once you have built your clothing model and setup the vertices, Cloth Weaver takes over the rest! (Please see demo video for full feature demonstration and installation) 

Core feature DEMO:

Updated tutorial for v2.3


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What's new in version 3.0?

  • preset gallery
  • translucency slider in fabric material

Clothing Presets:

  • Dress long & short
  • T-Shirt
  • Short-shorts
  • Bikini Top & bottom
  • Underwear
  • Towel

Materials, Clothing Patterns, Textures:

  • Cloth/Polyester Material
  • Plaid Pattern
  • Circle Pattern
  • Cotton Fiber Bump Map

Other Features:

-Recover the last clothing mesh before it was applied to the model

-Easily add clothing to your rigs

-Requires Blender 2.7x or higher & cycles engine for materials


-In Blender, go to user preferences, Install addon from file and choose the .zip file

Updating/Already Purchased?

-Login to BlenderMarket and select "My Account". Choose "Order History" and a download button will appear on the right next to the products you've already purchased. Click download next to Cloth Weaver and you will have the latest version.

HELP! Cloth goes through character.

-Remember, you must apply a collision modifier to your model for the cloth to interact with.


Past Versions / Update History

3.0 -Preset Gallery & translucency slider in fabric material

2.3 -Reflect clothing along Z-Axis & bug fix with sew clothing

2.2 -Ability to change sewing force, restart simulation, assign even & odd groups

2.1 -Introduced toolbar in edit mode: faster assembly & creation of edges to be sewn

2.0 -Introduced Patterns, materials, bump maps & attaching to rig feature

-Bump: Cotton Fiber

-Cloth/Polyester PBR, Plaid & circle patterns

-Patterns: Circle & Plaid

-Presets: Bikini (top/bottom), Dress Long,  T-Shirt,  Towel, Underwear.

1.2 -Bug fixes

1.1 -Reset UV feature

1.0 -Core sewing features, recover previous & presets: dress & short-shorts

Please see video for detailed installation and how to use.

To install, go to user preferences, Install addon from file and locate the .zip download.

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Item Rating

This item has an average rating of 4 from 7 ratings by the community.

  • D2ab6b8e38ae624deef0afa6f6e0bc2b

    teamscribble about 2 months ago

    This is awesome! I ran into a problem and he instantly helped me fix it! Worth it!

  • 41a1c29ef177547464797d583496a142

    vjaceslavt about 2 months ago

    an excellent addon for Blender. The tool will certainly help many! Thank you for the addon and I would be very happy about further features and more and more enhancements.

  • F312b4214c0cedda400b193c87d2d622

    Chris McKay 3 months ago

    Now in Version2, the plugin works really great. Not only with the presets, but also with my own cloth objects. This plugin saves a bunch of time and is a must-have for Blender. Many thanks to Alex for this plugin.

  • 57e3fb3dc864bd2068c2b6ae3d124342

    kenshirod 3 months ago

    Great add-on, and great guy creating it. Alex was fast, and very helpful in helping me out with a store issue. Thanks again, Alex, you rock!
    Take care...

  • B921d5cb5b41cc3e8840f8cb2b75c840

    infusednl 3 months ago

    Really great plugin for Blender! I was looking for an alternative for Marvelous Designer and this plugin does that really good.

    When I asked if it is possible to create cloth objects, such as bags, Alexander (the developer) responded blazingly fast and immediately came up with a small tutorial on how to create it.

    He also had various ideas of adding new presets for creating other stuff besides clothing which hopefully will be added in future updates soon.

    So in my opinion this is a must-have add-on for Blender. Cheers!

  • 4daa2a91b95398fb78ae503f7aa39373

    marco-franco 3 months ago

    I´m having a problem also if i choose Vertex it deform inside of body like if had not collision with the body.

    • 38446bba1ef4c75f4eb72d9c3befbbb2

      Alexander Kane 3 months ago

      Please send me a direct message and explain in detail what issues you are experiencing.

    • C7297c408fe2a3e6f710e8c0a351a2ec

      Matthew Muldoon 3 months ago

      Marco, Have you contacted Alexander for help before giving his product a 1-star rating? You can easily contact him via the Inbox in your account.

  • D8d6d178c292bd35bf6ff4d91ede87f9

    Alvin Connor 4 months ago

    This Plug-in is awesome!

    • 38446bba1ef4c75f4eb72d9c3befbbb2

      Alexander Kane 3 months ago

      Thank you very much! I am glad to hear you are enjoying Cloth Weaver!

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