Closest Point Weight Mirror

by Ben Morgan in Addons

Closest Point Weight Mirror is a Blender addon for mirroring vertex weights on an asymmetrical mesh.

Many, if not most, production game meshes are not perfectly symmetrical. They usually have at least some sort of asymmetry baked in for the sake of design, and that should be okay. 

Blender's default operators will succeed in mirroring weights when the mesh is either perfectly symmetrical or it has symmetrical topology, but what if it's slightly asymmetrical, or if the mirror side's topology is slightly different? 

That should not be a problem. Other software's weight mirror functions "just work", and so should yours in Blender. 

That's where this addon comes in. Use it to mirror weights on a just one or all vertex groups, and do so cleanly.

This technique is fast and straightforward, but it also gives you precise control over options like the mirror direction, weight distribution method, and a linear blend width for center bones.

I stand behind my belief that this product will become an integral part of your Blender skinning workflow.

(Model by Ilya Gagarin)

(Model by Ilya Gagarin)

Mirror All Vertex Group Weights Quickly

(Model by Daniel Wilkes)

Full Parameter Control

Find it in the Vertex Group Specials Menu


Ben Morgan

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Published over 2 years ago
Blender Version 2.93, 3.0
License GPL
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