Clean Panels

by Amandeep in Scripts and Addons

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  • Elian Koll
    8 days ago

    Best N-Panel Addon !

  • Peter Vojzola
    10 days ago

    This is a game changer for me. The Focus mode has made life so much easier for me. I have all my addons at my fingertips without a cluttered N-Panel. Clean Panels Categories customization also allows for easy N-Panel switching to your own selection of addon groups or you can just open the Focus menu and select whatever you want.

    I don’t know what the previous reviewer is complaining about. If you don’t want Clean Panels managing a workspace, turn on the Blender workspace filtering option in Tools and disable Clean Panels for that workspace, problem solved. All my UV addons are not affected by Clean Panels.

    I’m not getting the key binding problems he’s complaining about either. I’m using Fluent, HardOps, MeshMachine keybindings in Clean Panel workspace categories that do not include them and they are working fine.

    Just take some time to get to know the addon and join the Discord server. The developer is very friendly and very motivated to make this addon work for you. He’s open to questions and problem solving. You will be surprised how good it is.

  • Jose
    15 days ago

    Really happy with this so far. I like the pie menu N panels control and the team is really quick to reply with assistance. Thank you!

  • Coverop
    15 days ago

    This has to be the best addon for cleaning your N-panel section.
    Although I think the name is a bit misleading as It should be called "FOCUS PANELS"

  • FW
    22 days ago

    Really helpful add on for cleaning up your N panel! Super helpful Discord channel too. Lots of functionality to it can seem a little overwhelming at first but you can just pick what you want to use and roll with that.

  • Florian Wurster
    24 days ago

    Great support, frequent updates with awesome new features - especially the Focus Panels features is pure gold! :)

  • Oli Gerber
    24 days ago

    Sometimes sometimes... There I was thinking about my n-panel once more today as I cannot read any labels anymore :'D go to marketplace some hours later and come across this here automatically... Thanks for this one!! Makes finding my tools SUCH an easier and much faster task, it's perfect!

  • Sergey Gritsay
    24 days ago

    Awesome!!! I've been waiting for this addon for years.)))

  • Nickolas
    25 days ago

    It got even more amazing with the 3.0 update, switching between my long list of addons is no longer a hassle. Not to mention the amazing service over at their discord!

  • Kwin
    2 months ago

    Very useful addon !

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