Classic Style Porch House Livingroom Furniture Pack

by SHcreations in Models

NOTE: This scene contains textures from Poliigon and may not be redistributed (Visit the Poliigon website for more licencing information). If you don't have a Poliigon licence but you plan to redistribute this in a commercial project, feel free to replace all the textures by your own sourced textures.

This project is developed in blender 2.90.1

NOTE: For presentation reasons, some renders are taken inside my porch house. The house itself is not included in this download, only the living room furniture assets.

This download contains a living room furniture set. Everything is textured. This model can be used for commercial purposes and works with realtime game engines.

Short description

This is a living room furniture set for Blender eevee and cycles.

All furniture is originally designed and modeled for this set


These assets are designed and optimised around eevee. This engine is perfect to make animations that are rendered quick.


All assets and materials work with Cycles as well.

Other engines/software

Its possible to use this in other engines as well but for optimisation reasons some materials, like the blanket and pillows, use the same colormap but with a HUE node connected to them. So for other software, some textures need to be replaced or it's HUE edited in the game engine or trough photo editing software.


This project uses high quality PBR materials.


Even though this project has more detail than older projects, the polycount is optimised

  • Objects: 32

  • Vertices: 74,093

  • Edges: 145,912

  • Faces: 71,999   

  • Triangles: 146,862


All file exports are exported using blenders default settings.

  • BLEND (native)

  • FBX

  • OBJ

  • DAE

  • GLB

  • STL

  • ABC

  • PLY

  • USDC

  • X3D


The following materials aren't licenced by Poliigon, so they can be redistributed in commercial projects without issues. (other textures are licenced but can be replaced, see the note at the top of this page)

  • The book textures (custom made)

  • Interior plant textures

  • The framed wall pictures

Dev Fund Contributor
Published over 1 year ago
Software Version 2.9
License Royalty Free
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