Cinematic Lighting In Blender

by Creative Shrimp in Training

Level-up your 3D lighting skills by watching a premium 9+ hour course that offers a step-by-step guide for setting up cinematic lighting in Blender.

Now includes NIGHT LIGHTING Extension Pack

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It’s all really simple: lighting is everything! After all in order to see ANYTHING we NEED light. As 3D artists we all know this obvious truth but we're still too often guilty of spending WAY more time on the modeling and barely a thought to the lighting when it's that which makes or breaks a scene.

The Secret of Lighting That is NOT FLAT

Does it sound familiar? "Sometimes a scene can just look so ‘meh’ or lack any feeling? No matter what I do, lighting just... looks 'too CG' and lifeless?"

It may look like some successful lighting artists just intuitively ‘know’ what to do and naturally have the ‘eye’. Whether it is conscious or not they will be using a kind of to-do list for where to place the lights, how to set the right levels and so on.

If you simply tick most or even some of the boxes from this list, it will instantly improve the result. Good news: it's not rocket science, lighting in Blender can be learned fairly easily if you know where to start.


* A premium 9+ hour step-by-step guide for lighting in Blender

* Learn to light character shots, still life (and object) shots and 3D environments

* Get to know Cycles AND Eevee lighting workflows

* Project Files: get all environments shown in the course and useful assets such as node groups, textures and models

* Closed Captions (English) manually edited for all videos

* A full explanation of all the qualities of lighting that help any render feel more alive and cinematic


Gleb Alexandrov: Award winning, coffee loving, guitar strumming 3D artist and Blender tutorial YouTuber. 

6 years ago Gleb released the first tutorial project at Creative Shrimp that some of you may remember, Realistic Lighting. It was a huge and important milestone in Gleb’s artistic career. Now he presents the culmination of everything their team of 3D artists have learned about lighting since.


This course is 100% vanilla Blender. No third-party addons or applications are required.

Rendering does require reasonable hardware though, if in any doubt check out Blender’s own recommended minimum specs here


It would definitely help to have some familiarity with the basic Blender interface and tools. If you have JUST begun using Blender then we would recommend watching any beginner course to get yourself properly acquainted first.



* All project files included for free

* A student’s chat as well as a dedicated support channel on Discord will be available for all the course students


Introducing the New Night-Lighting Extension Pack

The new extension pack dives into three key areas:

* Image-Based Lighting: This essential technique allows you to extract lighting information from any image on the internet and apply it to your 3D scene in Blender. 

Fun fact: the character 3d model for this chapter was kindly donated by no other than William Landgren!

* Universal Night Lighting Setup: This in-depth, step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of creating a complete night shot, utilizing multiple layers and tools to achieve evocative results. 

* Projectors: Discover the mysterious world of image projection in Blender, as we guide you through creating multi-colored light patterns, both static and animated.


"In digital art, creating the right mood is the key to making an immersive visual. By the conscious use of lightning in the scene, an artist can evoke a certain feeling and manipulate the viewer’s perception. It’s a crucial step that can make or break the final image. Learning how to use the light to their advantage is an important tool allowing the artist to elevate their work to another level.

Gleb doesn’t need any introduction, as almost everyone who tried learning Blender used his tutorials. He is truly amazing in the way he shares his expertise. If you want to learn, do it from the best."

  Ada Sokół - Ada Sokół Art Lab, 3D Artist and Designer

“Gleb does it again! A great lighting course that includes the technical and also the artistic aspects of lighting in Blender.”


   Daniel Bystedt - Senior Concept Artist

“Gleb does an amazing job to demystify lighting in Blender, covering both Cycles and Eevee workflows throughout the course. The videos are well-paced and concise with exciting and relevant examples. This really is the canonical course for achieving cinematic results!”


   Erindale - Senior Generator Artist | Blender Instructor

“A very enjoyable course. The delivery is based on four case studies, explained in detail with a nice mix of lighting theory and practice. Mainly using Cycles with one section on Eevee. Gleb's passion for the subject shine's through. Overall an outstanding course which will help you take the quality of your renders to the next level."


  Paul McManus - 3D Artist

"Creative Shrimp keep raising the bar when it comes to video courses. This time, it's a sequel to their Realistic Lighting course from 6 years ago. Obviously, they've kept learning about lighting in those years and have condensed all these years of learning into a series of short, entertaining tutorials, with each chapter focusing on a specific environment or subject. 

It's also a great addition to the Photogrammetry course they put out earlier. With the knowledge from those two courses combined, nothing is stopping you from creating a very atmospheric Silent Hill-style short film... If you want to boost the quality of your renders, you can't miss this one."

  Jan Van Den Hemel - Blender Secrets

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