Make A Cinematic Car Chase Short Film Animation In Blender

by Reality Fakers in Training

Make a Cinematic Car Chase Short Film Animation in Blender

S1-Modeling - Build the 10th Street Bridge Scene

S1L1-Matching the Scale of the Bridge                            

S1L2-Modeling Bridge Supporting Columns

S1L3-Modeling Bridge Fenses

S1L4-Modeling the Wires of the Bridge

S1L5-Modeling Streeet Poles

S2-Texturing - Learn Realistic Procedural Texturing in Blender

S2L1-Make Realistic Asphalt

S2L2-Create Bricks Material

S2L3-Make Realistic Rust (Procedural)

S2L4-Add Realistic Ocean Shader

S3-Build a Realistic City in Blender

S3L1-Learn How to Build a Realistic City in Blender

S4-Lighting & Compositing - Finishing the Bridge Scene

S4L1-Set the Lighting & Finalize our Bridge Scene

S4L2-Let's Add an HDRI Map

S4L3-Camera Depth of Field

S4L4-Lighting & Compositing - Achieve the Final Render

S5-Realistic Vehicle Rigging in Blender

S5L1-The 4 Conditions to an Excellent Car Rig

S5L2-Generate Rig for the Mercedes Car Model

S6-Car Animation: Learn Vehicle Movements Simulation

S6L1-Animate Car Suspension for Maximum Realism

S6L2-Car Suspension on Rough Roads

S6L3-Avoid Obstacle Car Animation

S6L4-Burnout Acceleration Start

S6L5-Make Regular Traffic Circulation

S7-Cinematic Camera Animation

S7L1-Standby Car Camera Animation

S7L2-Helicopter View Camera Animation

S7L3-Car Pursuit Camera Animation

S8-Movie Production: Making the Short Film Animation

S8L1-Add Greenscreen Background to your Render & Use Motion Blur

S8L2-Production of Final Animation with Customized Background (Compositing)

S8L3-Finalize Animation Project

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