Chesterfield Sofa

by Manu3dmodels in Models

General Description 

1. Low poly model of a Chesterfield sofa.

2. Game-ready model: can be used in game engines and real-time scenes.

3. The native application is Blender version 2.92 (FBX and OBJ formats are included).

4. The model is made in real size.

5. The Blender file comes with all textures packed and all paths are relative.

6. Just open your Blender file, press F12 to render and you will get the main sample image.


1. The model has 6,628 tris.

2. Not suitable for working with subdivisions.

Textures / UV 

1. The model is composed of a material with 6 PBR textures in PNG format of 4k resolution.

2. You will find 3 different color textures (green, blue and red) in the texture folder hat comes with the model (the Blender file comes with the green color texture).

3. There are no overlapping UVs.