Chess pieces with rigged and posed figurines

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Chess pieces with rigged and posed figurines

You want to give your architectural interior renderings a noble detail? You need an exclusive eye catcher? Then this chess pieces are perfect for you! This is a set of high detailed staunton chess pieces with rigged and posed figurines.

All pieces are modelled to real tournament chess pieces staunton design, well named and organized in groups. All parts are in real life scale, z up.

Rigged and pre-posed figurines to replay a real life chess tournament

You are not familiar with the chess rules? No Problem. The set comes with a pre-installed pose library for the rigged figurines,

so that you can replay the chess tournament game Kasparov vs. Lautier from 1994 in Linares. Simply apply one of the specified poses from the Pose Library, and the figurines will move on the board.

Procedural PBR Wood Material for royalty free use included

The chess pieces and the board are rendered with the ProWood Shader, which can be found here. By purchasing this product, you can use the included shader for any other project.

The Shader is set up to a PBR Worklflow for instant photorealistic results. You can use the procedural Wood setup, or change the Material look as you like at a glance.

Free Studio setup included

There is more! The chess pieces come with a free studio setup with a preset of lamps, so that you can directly start rendering.

For loading the chess pieces into your scene, choos "File -> Append", then choose the file you've downloaded, then choose "Groups". Here you will find the Groups "Chess pieces with rig" and "Studio lighting setup". Simply append the chess pieces group, and if you need the extra lighting setup, choose the studio setup group as well.

To replay the chess tournament game, select the armature, then go to the armature settings in the properties panel and choose one of the stored poses by clicking on the "apply specified Pose Library pose to the rig" Button. Do so while the armature is in Object mode. By default all bones need to be selected in Pose mode. If you changed this, only those figurines will move that are selected in pose mode.

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