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A very high quality complete set of a wooden Chess with two looks, One old look(with dirt and scratches) and other new look(without dirt and scratches).

This Chess set contains a Chess Board and all Chess Pieces seperately.

All models are very high-poly but poly-count is kept low wherever possible. All textures are very high quality with 2K resolution for Chess Board and 0.5K resolution for Chess Pieces. All polygons are quads and no tris or N-Gons are used in geometry during production.

Ready to be used in Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), games and other real-time apps.

Key Features : 


- Available in 2 looks(New and Old)

- Minimum possible poly-counts

- 1 Material / Model

- Real world scale

- Only Quads(No tris or N-Gons)

- Non-overlapping Unwrapped UVs

- High quality 0.5K to 2K resolution textures

Vertex Count : 


- Chess Board : 16

- Chess Pieces : 2.2K to 4.2K

Textures : 


- Base Color

- Roughness Map

- MetallicSmoothness Map

- SpecularSmoothness Map

- AO Map

Animations : 


- ( None ) 

For any questions, proposals, or other inquiries, I can be contacted via the blender market messenger or directly by email at [email protected].

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