by Sergey Tyapkin in Scripts and Addons

Check the state of UV’s on the model easily with Checker for Blender!

Main Features

  • Node-Based System. Apply Checker textures to the model without ruining existing and adding new materials.
  • Zen UV Checkers. Specially designed color and monochrome well-readable Checker sets with different texture sizes.
  • Filter Resolution System. Filter existing textures by resolution, square and rectangular formats.
  • Add Your Checker Texture or even the whole texture library!
  • UV Maps Properties Tab to have quick access to UV Maps management.
  • Intuitive UI with multifunctional Main menu.

Checker is part of Zen UV add-on.

Zen UV is ready to use pipeline for fast creating UV’s in Blender!

Required Blender version: 2.80+