Cemetery Pack

by Deezl in Models

The Cemetery Pack

This assets pack includes all you need to build your horror scene.

For General 3D and Game-Ready.

From the church down to the detailed statues and tombstones, this pack is filled with high quality models and textures to create your own world.

Textures and Formats

The pack includes PBR Materials with HD Textures

What's in the pack:

  • 119 Objects
  • 49 PBR Materials
  • 490 Textures 
  • 1 Video Sequence 
  • 27 Brushes 
  • 6 Vegetation Presets 

Available formats:

  • 1X .Blend 2.82*
  • 1X FBX Assets Folder*
  • 1X Unity HDRP*
  • 1X Unreal Engine (UE4)*
  • 1X S2 Engine*
  • 1X Godot*

*According with the version chosen

Neatly Organized


PBR Materials | 490 HD Textures

Carefully Modeled and Textured 

Ultimate Quality at your fingertips