by Sergey Kritskiy in Scripts and Addons

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  • Lily Huang 3 days ago

    A simple, easy and functionally dedicated gadget. The author is also a cool person.
    Well Done~~

    • Sergey Kritskiy 3 days ago

      Aww, you make me blush :D Thank you, Lily!

  • Harwood 10 days ago

    This is just amazing addon! Had a problem with it at first, Sergey helped me over the issue in a very active manner. So, good support and a great addon, can't wait to see what awesomeness the future brings from this dev! You rock!!

    • Sergey Kritskiy 10 days ago

      Thank you for your kind words, Harwood!

  • Team Csharp 13 days ago

    The. cable. solution. It's in the name and it's a game refined to a fine point. Kudos to the creator. Nice and simple and effective.

    • Sergey Kritskiy 11 days ago


  • crankenstein 14 days ago

    Thanks for making this 🍝🍲

    • Sergey Kritskiy 13 days ago

      Thank *you* for supporting me, crankenstein 🌟

  • Bryan 3 months ago

    Amazing addon. Makes creating cables quick and effortlessly!

    • Sergey Kritskiy 3 months ago

      Thank you Bryan, great to hear you're enjoying the addon!

  • Adolfo Vera Rosete 3 months ago

    Amazing Add on, simplifies in an amazing way using or creating cables

    • Sergey Kritskiy 3 months ago

      Great to hear you're liking it, Adolfo! Thanks!

  • Marie Koutnever 4 months ago

    amazing time saver. very useful and higly recommanded

    • Sergey Kritskiy 3 months ago

      Thank you for your kind words, Marie!

  • Danny Burns 5 months ago

    So far, this is amazing. Such a time saver and so easy to get your head around.

    • Sergey Kritskiy 4 months ago

      Cheers Danny, I'm grad you're liking it!

  • Nicola 5 months ago

    simple yet complete, well designed and very useful, for both hard surface and organic modeling. If I can make a request, it would be so nice to have an option in the create a cable function that lets you select if the cable have to go into the surface or just stay parallel to the surface...but it's a 5 star even without it!

    • Sergey Kritskiy 5 months ago

      Hi Nicola, thank you for your kind words!
      As for your request, I thought of that but I'm not sure how the addon should understand the direction of this parallel point. Currently when I want to 'stick' a curve to a surface I create a temporary curve on a surface with Draw Cable function and then I join my main cable with this temporary part. However if you have an idea of how I can add a 'create on surface', please drop me a line via messages on BM or [email protected] !

  • T.j. 5 months ago

    V1 was good, now it's great!

    • Sergey Kritskiy 5 months ago

      Thanks T.j., it's such a joy to hear that things I add resonate with others. Cheers!

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