C.Bechstein Model B (1966) - Grand Piano - Blender 2.7

by verokoko in Models

C.Bechstein Model B (1966) - Grand Piano

There is a newer version of this model. Better suited for Blender 2.8 and up!

Modeled true to the original C.Bechstein Model B manufactured in 1966.

Physically correct grand piano anatomy and proportions!

Very High Detail.

Blender 2.79 and up.

High Poly ca. 1.000.000 triangles.

Basic PBR Materials.

Some Uv's and Textures.


Two groups are available:

bechstein_all - ca. 1.000.000 triangles.

bechstein_no_strings - ca. 350.000 triangles.

Best practice is to edit the model how you like (materials, open/close lid etc.) in the source file and import it as a group in your project.