Call-Out Titles

by 3DVision in Miscellaneous

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  • George
    2 months ago

    Hello, can i use this addon's Blueprint line art in-place of blenders line art to render an animation ?

  • Joji Nomura
    7 months ago

    I love this addon. Its addictive to use labelling my models. :D
    I do hope it gets updated as blender gets updated so it works while I upgrade blender versions.

  • Craig
    8 months ago

    Great potential with this and I purchased immediately. However I'll agree with the sentiment above - even using 2.93.4 and 2.93.5 this add-on is difficult to use. The tutorial video is insufficient explanation for how the various widgets work. I would suggest that you:
    1. Write up some documentation (and use a friend with native English to edit)
    2. Re-do the tutorial video (without irrelevant things like adding lights) so that there is an explanation of the relationships and proper use. Again, use a friend or community member with native English speaking. I listened to the French and English versions of these tutorials and also used subtitles.

    I appreciate it was probably hard work and I do see this being a very useful add-on. Please don't take this is as a personal criticism in any way. Cheers.

  • Mark
    8 months ago

    Very buggy - Adding more that call out items to an animation causes blender (2.93) to crash with not warning loosing any data. Highly suggest that you get the evaluation pack first before paying for the full pack.

    Dissapointing :(

    • 3DVision

      8 months ago

      You are using a version of Blender that is not compatible with (2.93), yet it is mentioned that you must use version (2.93.4) or higher, please take the trouble to read the product datasheets and do not choose for the designer which version of Blender the products are compatible with. Unless your intention is to harm this product, what you are stating is incorrect. As for the titles, they are all modular, so you can make hundreds of variations with a single title and that too is mentioned that other templates can be added later.
  • Sebastian
    11 months ago

    Awesome addon! Works perfectly and meets my expectations. Thank you!

    • 3DVision

      11 months ago

      Thank you, there is still a lot of good stuff coming in the full pack. Don't hesitate to share your achievements with me.
  • Ma├»line
    11 months ago

    This is exactly what I needed! I can't wait to see the new templates that will be added.

    • 3DVision

      11 months ago

      Thanks, new templates, procedural shaders and tools will be added for the "Full Pack".
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