Bust Basemesh

by Alberto Cordero in Models


It's super easy to start, the model have everything separated in layers, Cameras, Lights, the base for the Studio Representation etc.


The Bust BaseMesh offers you the easily a good and faster way to start Sculpting or Modeling. You also can use a great representation of your final model in rendering. Here is some of the feature you need to know about it.


  • The Bust BaseMesh have an appropriate topology that allows you to have a better control on the modeling.
  • You can easily start sculpting with a Human Bust Base.
  • You can use three of the skin node to represent your final model.
  • The file has a final composition to help your final render with a better visualization.

I'm sure you can save a lot of time using this Bust BaseMesh in your projects, I am convinced that applying what this product has to offer, you will have much more control and a much faster start. I hope you enjoy it and be sure to leave me a comment below!