Bundle 10 Studio Hdris

by 3D Skill Up in Surfacing


Equirectangular Studio HDRIs in .hdr format for use in environment background of 3D scenes. These HDRIs Studio have a dynamic range up to 30 EV (high) for great realistic lighting.

These HDRIs are unclipped, so it will produce an extremely realistic lighting.


It's important to consider whether an hdri is unclipped or not. Being unclipped means that the entire brightness range is captured, including the brightest part of the sun. This ensures that the light is extremely realistic. Contrary, if a hdri is clipped (or clamped) it will produce unrealistic and contrastless light.

Files HDR 32 bit

The zip file contains 10 HDRI Studio in 32bit hdr format

Resolution 10K



For the creation of these HDRIs a set of 3D lighting models was used.

"photo studio objects" by nukkio is licensed by CC BY 3.0

Help and Feedback

If you need more help and add feedback please send me a message

Rendering Example

In these renderings only HDRIs are used as a light source.

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