Bullet Pack

by Martin Brockelmann in Models

Are you out of bullets? Here is some ammunition... :-)

Caliber: 7.62 x 51 mm


  1. default
  2. red
  3. green

more to come...

Rendered with Blender 2.90 Eevee.

Textures made with Substance Painter in 2048*2048.

Vertices: 304 (without subsurf)

Subsurf: Lv2


  • Blend file with UV-unwrapped model, arranged setup and animation
  • Bullet mesh as STL (low poly and high poly)
  • PBR textures (UV-mapped) for types delault, red, green (all in .png)
    • Color map
    • Height map
    • Metallic map
    • Normal map
    • Roughness map
  • Picture and video material

The low poly model is suitable for game developement or with the subsurf modifier for animations or pictures.