Building 04

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Building 04

Can you image, only needing one day to finish a project? If you need to add a nice house model
in the background but don't have time to model your own house. You could find a free model on the Internet, but the model will probably not meet your expectations. You can buy, download and add it to your scene super easy.

All elements are simple named. You won't have any problems finding any elements, materials
are also very simple. The model has around 18-25 materials.

If you want, you can quickly change primary textures and you have a lot of other variations in this same model. This small investment has hundreds of variations for this same building.

Do you create your own games, this house will be very good for you. The house is a low poly model
and will look nice in games and also visualizations.

Models have:
-UV mix,
-blender format,
The model can be used for:
-filling your scenes,
-as a model in a game,
-as a model for visualization,
-ideal for testing different light settings,

Building 04
Can you image, then you one day to finish project. You need add nice house model
in background. You haven't time to modeling your own house. You can find free
model on Internet, but this model not meet expectations. Buy my model is
special prepare on situations like this. You  can buy, download and put in your scene,
seting materials and ready.

Model has all elements simple named. You haven't problem to find any elements. Materials
are also very simple. House have 18-25 materials.

If you want, can you fast chane color primary texture and you have a lot of
variations this same house. This small investment a hundreds of  version this same

If you create your own game, this house is very good to you. House is a low poly model
but his looks nice on game also in visualisations.

Models have:
-UV mix,
-blender format,
Model you can use to:
-fill your scenes,
-as model to game,
-as model to visualisation different models to exterior of building,
-ideal for testing different setting of light,

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