Bs Procedural Desert

by SCANTRON5000 in Materials, Shaders, Textures

BS Desert is a 100% procedural desert shader. Create infinite landscapes of beautiful desert scenes. 1 Easy to use node group applied to a flat plane.


- Adaptive Subdivision was used for the renders

- You can append the material from the blend file or the node group to your Blender project. 

- In order to reproduce the results exactly, steps:

1. Enable Experimental "Feature Set" under Scene Properties

2. Create your desert plane

3. Apply the Scale (Ctrl-A > Scale)

4. Add a Subdivision Surface modifier and enable "Adaptive Subdivision. (You can set it to Simple and the displacement seems to work faster with similar results. You can also up the dicing scale to 2.00 or even 3.00 and get decent results - higher is lower resolution)