by Travis OBrien in Scripts and Addons

Quick Breakdown    (Ctrl-E)   
Show and Hide breakdown guides on the fly

Pie Menu    (Alt-E)   
Multiple options for displaying breakdown guides

to suit your needs


Create a collection of objects (Local or linked)
Within your armature's data tab, select your collection
   PRO TIP: Create a collection within your overall character collection, and link only the import objects of your character into the new inner collection. This new collection is now neatly wrapped up within your character's collection and can be used by breakdowner!   


Breakdowner is a blender 'Onion Skinning' addon that was specifically designed with animators in mind.

Animating is already difficult, especially when you add the mental burden of trying to remember what your key poses look like on multiple different frames. Let this addon show you the information you need while you concentrate on whats important.

Breakdowner strives to produce clear and understandable information about key-frames that you have set. It will never generate guides on interpolated frames in between your key-frames. This keeps your view-port clean and clutter free, which allows you to focus on your breakdown pose.

Breakdowner follows the rules of blender's built in operator (Pose Breakdown), all the way to its C++ source, for generating breakdown guides.

When performing a breakdown, this addon will only show you the most previous and future frame. This differs from other onion skinning tools, which usually generate many snapshots of your character all throughout the timeline, or on interpolated frames, etc. This can quickly become visually messy and in some circumstances, even deter the animator from understanding their own animation.

Breakdowner does not attempt to replace other onion skinning addons, but rather, work along side them. Onion skinning in general is a fantastic way to visualize the overall motion of an animation, but as I mentioned before, it can easily just become 'visual noise'. Breakdowner takes a different approach on this subject by working in a more 'localized' way.


Version 1.21
Bug Fixes
  • Linked collections (Proxy and Override) were not displaying breakdown guides in 2.82 and 2.90
Version 1.20
New Features
  • Grease Pencil Support.
  • Multi Object Support (Mesh, Curve, Font, and Meta objects).
Bug Fixes
  • Keybind for invoking a 'quick breakdown' would get shadowed on loading a new blender instance.
  • Invoking Breakdowner from blender's search menu by pressing 'ENTER' would show and then immediately hide breakdown guides.
  • Only objects one level deep within a collection were being utilized for generating breakdown guides, regardless of nested collections/objects.