Bottle Pack Editable

by Blenderthings in Models

This is the Bottle Pack Editable

Each Bottle can be edited by using the Emptys that define the radius, height of the bulge, neck height as well as the size of the top of the Bottle. The 4 different Caps will change accordingly. Achieve any Look in Seconds. The File provides 4 Labels although it is advised to switch them out (they are not the best graphics-wise). All Materials are Setup to be random, that is the Fill of the bottle, the glascolor of the bottle as well as all the caps - additionaly all the Labels change. It is designed for crowded bottle scenes, after all it is easy to swap a material for something specific.

Its best to use the bottles as a group instance or as a collection instance - you can do so by linking from another blend-file, in this case the Bottle Pack Editable, or by appending from another file, hiding the group/Collection somewhere else and using the Add-Menu to instance a Group or Collection.


12 Bottles

4 Different Cap Variants

4 Bottle Labels (Front & Back)

Random Material (changes Roughness, Color, Labelcolor as well as Labels based on Random Object Input, changes the color of the Liquid)

Every Bottle, and their parts are modeled nondestructive from a few verts.