Bookcase With Books

by Deezl in Models

Bookcase with Books

  • Low Poly
  • 12 different Science Books
  • Bookcase with drawers
  • Render-Ready and Game-Ready

  • Faces: 3,716
  • Verts: 4,324
  • Tris: 6,900

The Wireframe

PBR Materials

Each book comes with PBR Material Maps:

  • Color
  • Roughness
  • Normal
  • AO

What's in the Pack:

  • 1x Packed Blend 2.8x Render-Ready
  • Individual Books in Blend and FBX Format for fast Append
  • 1x Scene FBX
  • 1x Scene OBJ
  • 1x Texture Folder

Neatly Organized

Beside the complete scene, we also divided each book in an individual Blend and FBX file so you can easily append only what you need directly from the main folder.