Boat-Rig Pro

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Boat-Rig Pro is a kit designed to rig boats, it will allow you to create very realistic animations. Installation is quick and easy.

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  • Easy to install.
  • Editable sea.
  • Simple to animate.
  • Ready for Blender 2.80 > 2.90.
  • Demonstration scene included.
  • Realistic boat physics simulation.
  • Supports real-time sea deformations.
  • Rig properties : control command of physics/Animation/Installation.
  • Path and Physics ( Mass, Damping... ) are not available in the "Lite" version.
  • New control panel, updated 1.3

Just use Blender's "append" function "F4" to import the kit with the "Collection".

Step 1 

select the rig, press "N" to open the properties pane, then set the contact points using the "contact point" options.

Step 2

Switch to "pose mode" and select the main bone, then return to "object mode", select the boat then the Rig and press "CTRL+P" and select "Bone".

Step 3 (Only for the optimized version).

Use the options to adjust the physics of your boat. Note*: Enable option " Sea detection" for the boat to position itself on the water surface.

Step 4 (Only for the optimized version).

Here is your boat ready for entertainment. Use the curve to plot the boat's trajectory, then use the options as shown in the picture to animate the boat.

The boat used in this demo is available here:

Made by " Make It Move Media " with Pure-Toon Water, Boat-Rig Pro and Low Poly Asset Pack.

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