Bmesh Clean Add-on

by Andrew_D in Scripts and Addons

What is Bmesh clean?

Did you import models from software like Sketchup or others?

Would you like to clean them a little from all the useless edges, faces, vertices?

Are you tired of continuing to press:

  • Spacebar -> Limited Dissolve
  • Spacebar -> Tris to quad
  • Spacebar -> Triangulate
  • Spacebar / Shift-N -> Recalculate Normals
  • Spacebar -> Delete Loose
  • Spacebar -> Remove Doubles (News 2.8: renamed to "merge by distance")

And all the times set the parameters manually? Especially when Blender is restarted?

Example on multiple objects (Red are backface) remove loose, remove double , limited dissolve and orient faces in the right direction:



Save preset example:

This addon allows you to control all these parameters in just one click, lets you save your preset on your computer, and above all is always ready to use

 allowing you to apply all these parameters with just one click

It was created to interact on multiple selected objects, uses the "bmesh" methods which is currently the method that makes these operations very fast, forgotten every time you have to re-set parameters manually, just save them in a new preset!

Your preset need to update?

  • No problem , the preset can be overwritten.

Delete loose, remove doubles,tris to quad, limited dissolve, make normal consistent just in one click

Or do you prefer, even one at a time.

At the end of the operation the cleaning result counted in VERTEX, EDGES, FACES will be shown by popup box:


If want save your preset go to your addon folders:

 ( it is usually in C:\Users\"your pc name"\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.80\scripts\addons )

Inside Bmesh Clean have folder named "Preset", save it temporarily in another location, then unistal and install new version, and replace the preset folder with the one you had before.

 search Bmesh Clean 

Unistall From Blender Preferences -> Addons , search Bmesh clean , uncheck the Checkbox, press Remove.

Then reinstall new version.

  • 16/05/2019 Bug fix 2.8
  • Bmesh clean 1_0_1
  • If there is no active object in the selected objects it reported an error. Fixed