Blenrig 6

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Bring your characters to life with BlenRig 6!

BlenRig is the rigging system used in many of the Blender Open Movies. The goal of the project is to allow users (with or without previous knowledge on rigging) to create film quality rigged characters.

What's different about BlenRig 6?

The unique feature that BlenRig 6 posses is that it ships with an Interactive Rigging Assistant Guide that will navigate you through the entire rigging process, from start to finish.

This guide not only tells you what to do in each step with text and explanatory images, but it also automates more than 50% of the labor.

BlenRig 6 makes it so that the user only needs to focus on the artistic part of rigging.

Besides of being a full blown animation rig for Realistic or Cartoony characters, BlenRig 6 offers features such as:

  • The use of Mesh Deform, which is the most advanced deformation technique available in Blender for organic models.
  • Pre-weighted meshes to speed up the weight painting process (Only hands and face rely on weight painting).
  • One of the most Advanced Facial Rigs out there.
  • Automatic generation of Shapekeys and Drivers.
  • Seamless editing of Rig Actions to define Predefined Poses and behaviors
  • The use of the Sculpt tools to seamlessly edit Shapekeys.

Who is it for?

Let me remark this, BlenRig is an essential tool for anyone looking to create professionally looking character rigs in Blender. Even if you are a seasoned pro, but specially if you are just starting out and have no idea how to rig your models, BlenRig has everything you need to bring your characters to life.


  • Film Quality rigging for Bipedal characters inside Blender
  • Unique deformation enhancement workflow

Future Plans:

  • Game Engine compatible workflow
  • MOCAP Tools
  • Rig Modularity
  • Rig Type Presets
Use Cases

The BlenRig project started back in 2007 and it has been used in many projects along the years. Some of them include:

Join the Community!

Please join our growing Discord community to get full support on the addon! BlenRig is a free addon and you can also find it on Github and Artstation.

Support the project

If you want to support the project, don't forget to check Fredegund - The BlenRig Skeleton out! He's the best anatomically correct and friendly skeleton out there!

Also, if you want to start rigging your characters and you want to get into the mood, check out the BlenRig song!

Rock on and Happy Blending!

BlenRig is developed by Juan Pablo Bouza and Sav Martin.




  • Rigging Assistant Guides draw code now uses the latest Blender OpenGL libraries
  • The Shapekeys Sculpting Workflow now has a "Use Smooth Modifiers" option. If you are heavily relying on the use of Corrective Smooth, it is highly recommended to turn this option OFF before sculpting difficult areas such as the mouth
  • Layer renaming UI has been improved in the Rig Tools Panel
  • Toggling fingers and toes in the Reproportion Guide is now much faster.
  • Blender 3.0 is no longer supported by the Rigging Assistant Guides


  • Actions Guide now mirrors facial properties even if Only Insert Available is turned off in the Blender Preferences


  • Initial Release

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