by State Of The Art LLC in Scripts and Addons

Blender network rendering farm system with dynamic allocating of required resources.

Solution for you to easy access almost infinity and cheap cloud power for quick rendering. It's free, secure & quite well optimized to work with minimal delays. Provides the next features:

  • Dynamic preview - user can see the progress of rendering, picture updated every 5s (default)
  • Non-destructive preview engine - you can close preview and open it again without interrupting
  • Allow to create providers - right now supported local run & GCP
  • Saves your money - if some resources are not needed right now - they will be terminated

Also it's possible to use it for your private farm infrastructure - but right now it will require some adjustment.

You don't have to pay - it's a free software and anyone can use it or modify it. Just go to Github and download the addon, but if you want to support us - go ahead and click on buy button :) We also need your feedback or help with fixing issues - so you can go to the links below and help.

Useful links: