Blendit v1.4

Full dynamic one-click solution for material blending of objects.

Main features:
  • Easily create material blend of selected objects with active
  • Non-destructive operations: create, apply, remove material blends
  • Option of executing the operations for all blends of source object
  • Real-time dynamic blends works in viewport, Eevee and Cycles
  • Option automatic create material from blended objects
  • Option to Blend Normals of objects
  • Easily tweak individual blend of object
  • Easy tweaking of all blends of source object
  • Blend styles: Height maps blending, Noise and Custom texture masking
  • Preserve texture scale from source object with mapping options:

  1. World space: Geometry node - Position output
  2. Object space: Texture Coordinate node - Object output
  3. UV v1: Texture Coordinate node - UV output + Blendit Transfer UV
  4. UV v2: UV Map node + Blendit Transfer UV

      • Only one blend per object supported
      • Two source objects can't be blended together
      • The add-on only works with the first material slot
      • You shouldn't rename Blend materials for proper functionality
      • You shouldn't remove original materials for proper functionality
      • You shouldn't rename Blendit modifiers for proper functionality
      • The quality of the blend depends on mesh density and topology
      • Only an UV map with Active Render can be transferred
      • Multi-user material doesn't support different blend source objects
      • Auto Smooth turns on when Blend Normals is used
      • You must use UV mapping and Transfer UV to blend Normal maps
      • Used simple inaccurate blending of normal maps
      • Automatic connected Displacement and Volume outputs aren't supported
      • Limited support for input nodes depending on the source object
      • Blender 2.90.x bug, crash when switching to UV Edit of source object
      • Blender 2.90.x bug, crash when switching to Edit Mode of source object
      • Mappings inside node groups are not affected
      • Using AutoSmooth with Blend Normals in Cycles may cause terminator artifacts
      • Smooth linear blending gradients of solid colors are difficult to set
      • The use of subsurface scattering in the source material may show seam for Cycles

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      Published 7 months ago
      Software Version 2.83, 2.9, 2.91, 2.92, 2.93, 3.0
      License GPL
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