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Updates! Version 1.4 is now available.  Adjustments to the geometry of the tree models as well as many shader adjustments.  Subtle color variations, and proper Fresnel glossiness and translucency adjustments to achieve better realism without longer render times.


Trees made simple:) I’m pleased to present my Blending Nature series of deciduous Linden trees.   Modeled and prepared specifically for use in Blenders powerful particle systems to make the process of vegetating your scene simple while achieving amazing results.  Pack includes 3 randomized tree models based on real world tree reference anatomy.  Scale is based on the metric system 1 blender unit=1 meter.  Sun lamp, environment and render settings are all optimized in the Blend file download.

High Resolution High resolution models and textures perfect for close up rendering or just filling in your background.  Keep an eye out for low resolution models in the future for even quicker render times.

Summer or Fall Advanced Cycles leaf materials have been designed to transition from summer to fall and anything in between making it easy and versatile.  So whether you’re looking for a warm colorful fall environment or a luscious green one the power is at your fingertips.

For Commercial Use Textures provided by, and myself.  License restriction for 3dmd and cgtextures are very similar.  In general the textures may be used in private or commercial use as long as the textures are not repackaged and distributed for sale in direct competition with said providers.  See their websites for more details.

Why Buy? Why purchase pre made vegetation models?  Simple really, TIME.  If you’re like me time is the biggest constraint we face as Blender heads.  Let your creativity flow and allow yourself to focus on your center piece not the environment that surrounds it.  So what are you waiting for?  Isn’t your time worth a few dollars to have high quality vegetation models ready to go?  For just a few dollars you can start Blending Nature today.

*Bonus* each model pack download includes 3 grass models and particle system setup free of charge:)

Tree models have been developed for optimized use in Blenders particle system.  Layer 1 you will find a test scene with backdrop and trees applied to the backdrop with a particle system.  The actual tree models are located on Layer 10 and are currently set to wire display.  I suggest switching that to Bounds if you intend to use a particle system with several thousand instances of these trees.  Particle system setting can be seen in the particle system setup for the test scene.  Simply free the particle edit and you may apply the particle system to any surface by tweaking the number of particles and possibly defining density information with weight paint mode.

Actual tree models are always located on Layer 10.  Edits may be made to the model as well as the materials.

Leaf material shader is setup to transition between summer and fall colors.  A leaf color mix value node colored in orange may be set to the following values as well as everything in between for customized colors :)

0.00=summer green color

1.00=fall orange colors

All materials are packed into the zipped Blend file.  You may unpack the textures if desired although this may not be required.

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  • bmv2011 almost 2 years ago

    Great product. Looks great and is light on memory.

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