Blenderdiplom Point Density Magical Fx Pro Edition

by BlenderDiplom in Materials, Shaders, Textures

What can I expect from the free updates?

Point Density Textures in Cycles are very powerful already but they have just recently been added to Cycles so they might get additional features or general improvements. In that case the documentation will be updated and new training videos and templates will be added.

The last time this has happend was the update from version 1.0 to 1.1 where the "Burner" template and training was added that shows how to use vertex colors as source for point density textures, a feature that was added in version 2.78 of Blender.

How can I use the templates?

Every template comes with instructions in the .blend and in HTML format. Each template is designed so that you can either use them directly like for example replacing text or logos or by linking / appending the main elements into your own scenes.

What is the content of the PDF documentation?

The PDF documentation consists of 8 pages A4 and features 14 figures. If you are familiar with The Cycles Encyclopedia, you get an idea of the style and quality of the PDF documentation. It explains Cycles Point Density Textures in detail and leaves no questions unanswered.

Who is the author of this product?

Point Density Magical FX Pro Edition was created by Blender Foundation Certified Trainer Gottfried Hofmann, founder of

What is included in the demo files?

The demo files are examples how the templates can be used. You will get all files used to create the teaser and the images you see above. All textures used in the demo files are CC0.