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Connect Blender to After Effects!

  1. Install BlenderAe as an addon in Blender (no Adobe After Effects scripts to install!).
  2. 'Connect' to After Effects.
  3. Select objects, vertices or faces.
  4. Click 'Export to Ae'!

Import Layers from After Effects!

  1. Select Layers in After Effects.
  2. Click 'Import Layers'!

Supported in Object Mode:

  • Cameras to Ae Cameras.
  • Lights to Ae Lights.
  • Objects transformations to Nulls.
  • Empties transformations to Nulls.
  • Planes (planar) to precomposed shape layers.

Supported in Edit Mode:

  • Selected vertices (in vertex mode) to Nulls
  • Selected planar Faces (in face mode) to precomposed shape layers.

After Effects to Blender:

Solids, Nulls and Camera layers supported.

More to come...

BlenderAe documentation
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